Hayes Construction,

   Thanks soo much for the great job.  we love the ramp! our warmest regards to your crew, you guys are the best. We are having a house warming, stop by and grab a snack, pass out some business cards

      hope to see you,
and again, our deepest appreciation to you & the guys

Jerry & Becky

When I decided to have my garage converted into a living space, I asked my friends and neighbors for information regarding independent contractors, and to recommend ones they had worked with personally. Personal referrals are very important to me, and I had the good fortune of having two people on my block use the same contractor for large projects. I was impressed by the look of each, and the home owner's were very happy with the end results, as well. The contractor was Mark Hayes of Hayes Construction, and seeing his work made my feel confident that I could use him to achieve the results I wanted out of my own project. After contacting Mark initially, we met and I provided him with specifications, meaning that I chose not to use an outside architect. Based on this information, Mark came up with a plan to meet my wishes. We are currently 75-80 underway on the 60-day project. All the wiring is completed, and the sheetrock is about to go up. Everything is going smoothly, and along the way Mark has been great about presenting alternatives or new ideas to improve the final product. For example, I initially wanted to use a standard wall heater, but Mark suggested I install a gas stove instead, which holds greater visual appeal, and which I did not know was an option. Of all the potential pitfalls of working with a contractor, the ones I've experienced have been few and far between. Any misunderstandings about the plan, which are inevitable in this type of situation, have been resolved amicably. And I've never had a problem with the crew in terms of attitude or professionalism. Also, I've been told that a good contractor ensures that the building site is spotless at the end of every day, and Mark is excellent in that regard. I am very pleased thus far, and can vouch for Mark. He's one of the good guys.

I contacted Hayes Construction to give me an estimate on a kitchen remodel. After speaking with over 5 different design and build companies and contractors, I could easily make my decision that Marc and Hayes Construction were the best choice. The first thing I'll say is how much this company stood out relative to the others, especially Marc. The guy is professional, detailed, communicative, and on top of it all, he helped me design the kitchen. That's where I really needed the help, whereas other companies just told me to go buy the stuff and they will install. How can you throw somebody in the ocean when they don't know how to swim?! So Tom was a huge help in this aspect. 

During construction, things went much smoother than I anticipated. Marc was involved in every stage and gave me progress updates. The guys came to work every day, and they kept the area contained so the house would stay clean. I can't say thank you enough to Marc and the Hayes team. It shows that they take pride in their work. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a remodel.